Ski Accommodation

One night stay in ski centers is 100-385 on weekdays and 150-660 in the weekend.
The number of those who prefer skiing tourism, especially during the half-year break, is increasing rapidly every year. The mobility in the ski resorts continues, if not half the break. After half a year, overnight accommodation costs in Uludag are 115-215 TL on weekdays and 200-325 in weekend. Kartalkaya 195-385 TL on weekdays, between 340-660 TL at the weekend. The nightly accommodation prices in Palandög are in the range of 167-280 TL, in Xikum, 150-229 in Sarıkamış, and in 99-189 in Kayseri. On the other hand, according to research by, the number of holidaymakers on a skiing holiday this year increased significantly compared to the same period last year. Holiday Managing Partner Kaan Karayal, 30 thousand holidaymakers during the holiday break during the holiday season, during this winter season, approximately 100 thousand holidaymakers said that they would prefer ski tourism. Karalay, ski holidaymakers, one-night stay per person for half-year holiday in Uludag average 200 TL, Kartalkaya 250 TL, Palandöken 300 TL, Kartepe 150 TL drew attention to spending.

The most popular in Uludağ

This year, the most preferred destination is Uludag said that Karayal, Uludag, followed by Kartalkaya and Palandoken said. Kartepe, this year because the snow is not much in the middle of this destination is not intensely emphasized. In Uludağ, Kartalkaya and Palandöken, the fact that snowfall and snow thickness are suitable makes these regions more preferable.

Source: stargazete



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