Kartalkayada Ski Season Ended

Kartalkaya, one of Turkey's most important winter tourism centers, ski season ends erdi.k thickness found hotels in Kartalkaya is about 2 meters, number of customers coming to the warm weather we had to close the ski due to the reduced season kaldı.grand Eagle Hotel General Manager Halit Ergül AA correspondent, said the snow thickness of about 2 meters, although not enough customers, noting that all the hotels closed the ski season, he said.
Expressing that the season was very good, Ergül said, m We are happy to have a very early snowfall and early season. The interest of local and foreign vacationers in Kartalkaya was very nice. The 6 hotel in the area served at 100 occupancy rate on weekends, while it worked at 70 on weekdays. During the ski season, which is open for about 102 days, Kartalkaya visited the domestic and foreign 200 thousand holidaymakers Yaklaşık.

Source: News

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