Kahramanmaras Municipality is taking the example of Kayseri Rail System

Kahramanmaras Municipality is taking the example of Kayseri Rail System
Kahramanmaraş Mayor Mustafa Poyraz, who came to Kayseri to examine the groundbreaking rail system project of the Metropolitan Municipality in urban transportation, made a series of trips and examinations in Kayseri hosted by the Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki.

Kahramanmaraş Mayor Mustafa Poyraz, aiming to implement the rail system project in Kahramanmaraş by taking Kayseri as a model, first traveled for a while on the rail system with Mayor Özhaseki and listened to the project firsthand.

After that, Poyraz went to the Rail System Warehouse in the Organized Industrial Zone and a briefing about the rail system was given by the operating staff Gökhan Beler.


Making a statement after the briefing, Poyraz stated that they visited Kayseri from time to time and said, “Kayseri is now a clean city with no slums and growing more and more every day among the world cities. People are also very clean and warm, ”he said.

Poyraz stated that they follow the rail system project in Kayseri closely like other provinces and said, “This work in Kayseri is truly an extraordinary work. We wanted to examine this project, which we are considering to implement for our city, closely. As far as we can see, there is a very nice team here. Both our general manager friend and young engineers have devoted their hearts to this job. They gave us a very nice presentation and shared their knowledge about the project. I would like to thank all the officials for the nice hosting, ”he said.

After the briefing, Poyraz completed his examinations by visiting the Rail System Depot Area with President Özhaseki.

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