Kadıköy Attention to the metro of Kartal

The water leak at the station is in danger.
"Kadıköy- The water leak at the stations along the Kartal subway line invites to danger! ”
Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbaş could not praise, completed in 7 years, cost 3 billion lira and Kadıköy-Kartal metro stations opened by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, there is a water leak, there is a heavy odor caused by dampness, the citizens are quite uncomfortable. CHP IMM Council Member Hakkı Sağlam, who made warnings by drawing attention to possible dangers, invited IMM President Kadir Topbaş to his duty in his written question, “What is the reason for the water leakage in some parts of the line and stations? In which areas and stations are there water leaks? How is it remedied? Does the contractor company have any fault in this regard? If yes, what operations have been done? " He asked his questions.
CHP members warned: “Kadıköy- The water leak at the stations along the Kartal subway line invites to danger! ”
Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) In March of 2013 Assembly meetings CHP IMM Council Member Dr.. Mr. Sağlam signed a written question proposal to the Office of the President.
Questions to be answered in writing:
Taksim Karaköy tunnel, the second oldest tunnel in the world, was built in 2. It still serves healthily and smoothly. Kadıköy- It is known that the Kartal metro was put into service on August 7, 17, during the period of Mr. Topbaş and after 2012 years of work. The subway line, which was put into service and consisting of 16 stations, was put into service before completing the works in some parts, that is, without permanent coatings, in order to open the subway line, where the same situation is also present in Kozyatağı station tunnels and possibly in other stations. This can also create a serious security issue; because the carrying power of the tunnels is calculated over the permanent coating. In addition, water leaks can cause serious leakage currents related to the electrical installation. In this context;

  1. On what date was the final deservation of the metro line? Who issued the progress payment approval? What is the final amount? What is a start and end station?
  2. Are there any shortcomings after the opening of the mentioned line? If so what? Is there any deficiency corrected? If so, which? Corrected by who?
  3. Is it appropriate for the Project that most of the escalators on Kozyatağı Carefour side and some other stations are exposed outside? Is there any danger?
  4. What is the cause of water leakage in some parts of the line and stations? Which areas and stations have water leaks? How is thought to be remedied? Does the contractor firm have any defects in this regard? If so, what actions have been taken?

  5. Which stations of the line also have elevators and escalators? What is their number and length? There are no working elevators and escalators? If so, which station is it located at? What is the reason for not working?


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