Fast Train 20 in Japan

Fast Train 20 in Japan
The 300-ton high-speed train, which can speed up to 715 kilometers per hour in Japan, was taken from the service due to 20 cents.
According to the report published in Japan's best-selling Yomiuri newspaper, a conductor sitting in the captain section opened his wallet to check the coins. Meanwhile, the coin's 10 Yen (20 cents) jumped out of the wallet. Despite the conductor trying to catch the money, the money fell in through the small hole in the speed adjusting lever of the high speed train. Despite this problem, the high-speed train came to Tokyo station. When it came to the station, the passengers, despite getting on the train, asked the captain to change the train. Because of this incident, 100 thousand passengers were taken off the train. Passengers had to take another high-speed train brought to the station.

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