Iraqi oil will be transported by rail

Iraqi oil will be transported by rail
Rail Logistics and TÜPRAŞ join forces for a revolutionary project in Turkey. TÜPRAŞ, which has been serving for many years, is in the preparation of a big project that will make an important contribution to the transportation of fuel by rail at İzmit Refinery. General Manager of Railway Logistics Engineering, Industry and Trade Company and former President of TCDD Movement Department Süleyman Yavuz, while 2 says it will rise to a million 630 thousand tons.
Railway Logistics, founded in 2005 with the motto ötesinde The right address for fast, safe and economic services at continues to grow beyond its planned targets with the successes it has achieved. Railway transport fuels that led to the company for many years, performing with block train transport between the refineries of Tüpraş is Turkey's largest industrial enterprise. stating railway through that specialized in transport fuels Railway Logistics Engineering, Industry and Trade Limited Company General Manager and TCDD motion Flat Former President Suleyman Yavuz, according to the highway which is much more secure says they play an important mission to spread in Turkey of the transport model. In 2011, Yavuz said that they carried a total of 980 thousand tons of fuel oil, ında In 2012 we were aiming to transport 1 million 700 thousand tons. However, due to the works on the high-speed train line, the railway between Gebze and Köseköy was closed to traffic at June 2012 and the planned trains could not be run because of the transportation between İzmit and Kırıkkale refineries. Therefore, we could not achieve our goals. 2012 573 thousand tons of fuel transport was realized. But we are not complaining about this situation. Because the future of the railways is invested, Çünkü he says.
Süleyman Yavuz heralds a revolutionary project in rail and fuel transportation. Yavuz, who explained that they carried out both infrastructure and superstructure investments for a large project carried out by TÜPRAŞ at the İzmit Refinery, where they carried out their consultations and carried out their transport, conveys: prepared. TCDD is awaiting approval to start the construction of the project. TUPRAS plans to purchase 145 tank wagons in addition to the existing 300 fuel tank wagons. TCDD contracts are being prepared for the tank wagon purchase, while on the other hand tenders are being prepared for the procurement of these wagons. TÜPRAŞ this project, Turkey is currently in an unsafe way, the highway will be forwarded to the railroad, which has pioneered a safer transport model of transport fuels. When the project is realized, the amount of fuel to be transported by rail will reach 2 million 630 thousand tons. The project will also ensure that the 80 bin tanker expedition will be withdrawn from road traffic. This will make a great contribution to the economy of the country both in terms of consumption of fuel consumed and road traffic. Bu
Suleyman Yavuz, another important project is carried out by the TCDD, he says. Northern Iraq Yavuz pointed out that created a huge traffic jam of oil transported by road tanker to Turkey, "is building a logistics center in it for TCDD Mardin. With the transfer center to be built in a section of this logistics center, the oil coming from Iraq with road tankers will be transferred to railway wagons and thus will be transported to ports such as Mersin-Iskenderun. This project will create a significant relief, especially on the way to Habur. In this context, we are ready to contribute to this project with our experienced staff and our long years of experience in fuel transportation as Railway Logistics. Bu

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