Infrastructure Attack from Adana Metropolitan

unpaved road on the island will not be broken pavement
unpaved road on the island will not be broken pavement

ASKİ General Directorate of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, Yüreğir's many neighborhoods to save water from the flood in the Great infrastructure continues to work in the neighborhood of Guzelevler.

Metropolitan Municipality of ASKI D-400 highway steel drilling system under the study of the work of the Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Zihni Aldırmaz, landed in the field of work, digging and excavated the soil.

Zihni Aldırmaz, who received information from ASKİ General Manager Abdulkadir Küreksiz about the works, drew attention to the security measures taken within the scope of job security.

Zihni Aldırmaz stated that the steel drilling system will be crossed under D-400 Highway, which separates Güzelevler District and Yeni Doğan Neighborhood. We make significant investments in the infrastructure of Adana. During the last 50 year, the main collector of 152 kilometers in Adana was made, so the last 2.5 kilometers in the main 105 kilometers were made in our period. We continue to do, Yap he said.

With the main collector in the neighborhood, such as Yenidogan, Guzelevler, Levent, such as water pressure will be prevented in the neighborhoods of Yüreğir Aldirmaz, üre We pay attention to the safety of our workers while doing these jobs. Because the safety of things is more important to us than anything. 8 meter-height iron curtains prevent the dent. Our workers continue to work safely, İş he said.

Mustafa Guzelevler Mahallesi Muhammad Mustafa Fine and services to the services of the Metropolitan and ASKI thanked the staff.

Emphasizing that the investment is important for all neighborhoods, Mustafa Güzel emphasized the importance of security measures for workers.

Zihni Aldırmaz entered the steel blocks passing under the D-400 Highway during the survey and excavated the soil.

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