IETT Sells Forgotten Items in Public Transport Vehicles

IETT Sells Forgotten Items in Public Transport Vehicles
In Istanbul, IETT buses, trams, subway, bus stops and forgotten vehicles in the tunnel vehicles and the owners can not be reached 26 March 2013 auction will be launched on Tuesday. Hundreds of lost goods, including laptop, camera, mobile phone, as well as electronic items such as ironing, car license plate, various clothes are noteworthy.
IETT buses, trams, metro, stops and forgotten items in Tunnel vehicles and housing, Karaköy railway station building 26 March Tuesday in the morning between 09.00 and 12.00 citizens who want to participate in the auction will be able to participate. For the items found this year, as in every year, the mass selling method will be tried first. If the buyer does not appear to be sold as a group. Finally, the individual sales method will be applied for the remaining items.
There's even a license plate among forgotten things.
Among the items found are many mobile phones, cameras, laptops, umbrellas, clothes, jackets, coats with clothing such as ironing, tennis racket, teapot, kettle, backpack, book, dvd player, satellite receiver. Forgotten items include a car license plate, a guitar and a gift table.
Ease of internet for forgetful passengers
Items forgotten and sensitive citizens in buses, delivered to drivers or line managers, IETT'in Karaköy'da lost in the lost property office is taken under protection. Items with possible distortion are destroyed immediately. Others are kept until the end of the year with the idea that the owner is located and the items that are not owned by the owner are put up for sale by auction method. Forgetful Travelers is can reach their lost items by querying. Since the year IETT 2003 has been running the service electronically.

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