Expected Marmara Earthquake How Much Affects The Earthquake

Map of Marmaray
Marmaray Map and Marmaray Expedition Times

How will the Marmara Earthquake, which scientists regard as certain to happen, affect Marmaray?

The opening day of Marmaray, whose foundations were laid in 2004 and defined as the engineering project of the century, is approaching. Planned to open on 29 October 2013, connecting the European and Asian sides under the Bosphorus and HalkalıThis 76-kilometer railway improvement project from Gebze to Gebze is considered the deepest immersed tunnel in the world and is located under one of the busiest ship crossing points.

With the completion of the Marmaray project and the introduction of the system, it is foreseen that the transportation of 1 million people will be facilitated, the loads of the Bosporus and FSM Bridges will be alleviated, carbon dioxide release, energy and time will be reduced and 36 million hours will be saved in a year. Marmaray will have three underground, 36 stations on the surface and 75.000 will carry passengers per hour.
HalkalıMany problems were encountered during the construction of Marmaray, which connects Gebze with an uninterrupted, modern and high-capacity suburban railway system, based on the improvement of the suburban railway system and the construction of the Railway Bosphorus Tube Crossing. From the lightning strike and scrap thieves robbing the construction site, to the cracks in the Islamic Science and Technology History Museum in Gulhane Park and the structures adjacent to the old walls of Topkapi Palace, every problem was solved with the support of scientists and engineers.

Among the biggest problems encountered in the realization of the project are the flow rate reaching the 3 meter speed per second, the world's most densely timed ship passing line, and there are both very hard and very soft rocks around. But among all the problems, Marmaray 16 km distance to the North Anatolian Fault line and 30 7,6 in the next year, this is expected to be an important earthquake in the size of the XNUMX is an important place.

Is the construction of Marmaray triggering the great Marmara earthquake? Or what is the likelihood that this structure will collapse in the earthquake? Or is being in a tunnel safer than being anywhere in Istanbul?

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