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shaft skiers representing Turkey in the Lotus Cup Ski Jumping Championships in Zakopane, Poland, Arda İpçioğl of Ayberk Iron and Mohammad Irfan Çintimar's goal is to win a gold medal.
İpçioğlu, who returned from Zakopane with a silver medal, said that about 46 athletes participated in the championship.

Stating that Turkish athletes have achieved significant successes in Poland, İpçioğlu said, “Our training period and preparation period were very short, and it was a great success to bring second and fourth place to the championship that we prepared in a short time. We cannot describe the happiness of this success in words. ”

Ipçioğlu, 6 said that the contribution of coaches in the championship of the country contributed to the great contribution of the gold medal will work harder by specifying the goal stated.

Stating that they are proud of returning with medals from Poland, İpçioğlu said:
“My biggest motivation source was my camp friends. Strength, flexibility and concentration are very important in ski jumping. We worked hard with my friends at the camp. Thank you to everyone who enabled us. I am happy that I brought medals to my country and Erzurum. It's a nice feeling. I believe we will get more medals in the future. We could not achieve a good degree in the Olympics in Romania, but a good result came from Poland. If we can do the workouts more tightly and the training programs are adjusted tightly, success will increase more. ”

- “We tried to do our best” -
National athletes Demir of Turkey Ski Federation said it gave them a lot of support before going to Zakopane.

During the year, about a month 7 voiced that they could not work Demir, said:
”We came here with the support of our Federation and the Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports. They ignited us to come here. I had an injury period last year, but we were still good as a team. Despite our short-term work, it was a good recovery process. The degree of success would have been different if we had more training opportunities. We have to do 12 or 13 jumps a day. ”

National athlete Çintimar, who represented our country in Poland, stated that despite jumping the longest distance in the championship, he missed the rank due to the problem he had in the landing. Stating that he will put a lot of hard work to avoid the misfortune he has experienced, Çintimar said:
”We tried to do our best. I had some trouble getting off the first day in the championship. Our only wish is to prepare ramps better for the coming years and to provide us with more training opportunities. We will work to bring better success to our country. ”

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