Goksun Tunnels Reached 3 Thousand Meters

The ongoing construction of the town of Kahramanmaras Göksun, when completed, will be one of Turkey's largest tunnel in the Goksu total of 2 thousand meters from 3 tube of the tunnel was dug.
The excavations, which take 15 meters a day, continue uninterruptedly despite the harsh and harsh winter conditions. The distance between Kahramanmaraş and Kayseri, which is 270 kilometers when the tunnel is completed, will decrease by 35 kilometers to 235 kilometers, while it will provide an uninterrupted and safe passage between Kahramanmaraş and Kayseri during the winter months. The total length of three separate tunnels with a total length of approximately 3 thousand meters is planned to be completed and put into service in 10.

Source: haber01



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