Forgotten items on subways and buses in Ankara were sold by auction

Forgotten items on subways and buses in Ankara were sold by auction
In EGO Buses, ANKARAY and Metro, sales of items that were forgotten by passengers but not accessible to their owners were made by auction.
The interest in the auction, which was organized under the coordination of EGO Bus Operation Department and the Purchasing Department, was great. The sale of the goods, which were kept in the Lost and Found Service established in the Department of Bus Operation of the General Directorate of EGO and filled the annual waiting period of 1, was made in the refectory of the General Directorate of EGO.
In the auction, which was attended by a large number of citizens and attracted interest, income from the 117 piece of goods that was put on sale was very close to 3 thousand pounds.
EGO Buses, Metro and after being forgotten by passengers in Ankara on the goods delivered to the Lost Service Service by the drivers and motion officers who are informed by the EGO officials on the phone to find information about their owners. The list of items whose owners cannot be reached is also indicated by EGO General Directorate periodically. is is published on the internet site. The list of missing items is also announced by the Police Radio. The missing items are taken to the sales list if the owners do not appear in the 1 year.
EGO buses by citizens, forgotten in Metro and Metro and 1 annually waiting for the public to fill the period between the goods offered for sale underwear, pants, dress, coat, tracksuit, sweatshirt, t-shirt, shoes, boots, boots, such as, umbrellas, books, reed, glasses, laptop, vcd, cd, mobile phone, drill, decoupage, radio, flute, camera, camera pillar, razor, pocket knife, tv controller, clamp, calculator, wristwatch, camera, took place.
The revenue obtained at the end of the sale was recorded to EGO General Directorate.
At the EGO General Directorate Dining Hall, there were exciting and controversial moments in the auction.

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