Fıs Sarıkamış Ski Cup

The first day races were completed in the "FIS Sarıkamış Cup" held in Bayraktepe Ski Center in Sarıkamış district of Kars.
Turkey Ski Federation Central Arbitration Committee Chairman Huseyin Ozer, AA said in a statement to reporters, the International Ski Federation (FIS) Sarikamish Cup, Bayraktepe made in Ski alpine said she started with slalom races.

Stating that 7 athletes from 60 countries participated in the races, Öz said, “There are very competitive races. The weather is nice, ideal for full racing. "A little snow is soft, but it is hardened with chemical material," he said.

Self, racing to Turkey as well as Kosovo, Pakistan, Belgium, Iceland, stating that Armenia and athletes from Cyprus, "women from Turkey and the boys joined 38 athletes, and their athletes have entered the degree Championship in Turkey. Our federation has invited them. Our athletes are performing very well. I congratulate all of them. The competitions are very good, they continue regularly ”.

Oz, the races will continue tomorrow, he added.

Meanwhile, freezing chemical drugs were sprinkled onto the runways to prevent snow melting due to lodostan. Tell the athletes who are ranked in the following two downhill slalom races:



1-Tuba Daşdemir

2-İrem Önder

3-Dila Kavur



1-Bartmos Mollinn (Belgium)

2-Emre Simsek

3-Jakop Helgi Bjarnason (Iceland)

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