Fire At the Passenger Car in Manisa Train Station (Photo Gallery)

Fire Extinguished on the Passenger Car in Manisa Train Station
A train wagon, which was idle at Manisa Train Station, was set on fire by unidentified persons. Fire, the morning hours 08.45 queues near the Manisa train station near the old TARIS stores on the rails were placed in the passenger car. Firefighters from the scene put out the wagon that was found to be burned by unidentified persons. The inside of the burning wagon was filled with a tin filled with shoe adhesive. In the last months in the same area, a fire broke out in an inert car.
TCDD officials, idols are waiting for a while there are waiting for later said they used for recycling. Authorities emphasized that the drug addicts are constantly harming the wagons, the wagon gates closed with the source although they entered the inside said again.

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