Beautification work on high-speed train

Beautification work on high-speed train
Konya Büyükşehir Belediyesi On the Railway Street for the purpose of beautifying the high-speed train route, 16 is building a park where different types of oak trees will be located, and urban furniture will be made of oak.
KONYA Metropolitan Municipality is building an Oak Park on the Railway Street, where 16 different types of oak trees will be located and the lighting will be made with solar energy. Konya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Akyürek, who examined the ongoing works in the Oak Park, said that the park will be an entertainment and resting area for the residents and children. Noting that they evaluated the area in the region with the agreement they made with the State Railways, President Akyürek said that their aim is to both beautify the high-speed train route and create a beautiful park for the region. kazanHe said it was a climb.
Akyurek emphasized that the high speed train underpass located in the park is transitioned to the business centers and residential area, and the necessary traffic planning will be done on the street. The park has many important features, unlike other parks. Camellias and other urban furniture in our park is made entirely of oak wood. In addition, 16 type oak sapling is planted in the park. This is an oak park. Another feature of the park is that the lightings will be made by solar energy. This is a distinct advantage in terms of parking, Bu he said. President Akyürek noted that the construction of the walking path will continue along the railway track and wished that the park with the arrangements for the use of people with disabilities would be beneficial.

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