Erzincan Municipality Starts Asphalt Works

Erzincan Municipality has started the superstructure move in the regions where the infrastructure works have been completed.
The 100 mileage tarmac, 200, which is planning to carry out the pavement work, aims to pave a third of the city.
Erzincan Mayor Yuksel Cakir, who made a statement on the subject, said that the 300 kilometer of a thousand kilometers of infrastructure work has been completed in 2012 and that 2013 will perform asphalt works in the regions where the infrastructure is completed in 100.
Çakır continued his words as follows: “We will asphalt the entire 320-kilometer road network in our city.
In 2013, we will be paving a third of the city, mainly the main arteries of the city, and the densely used traffic streets. We started work in Ergenekon neighborhood.
We renewed our machine park last year. We will offer you the comfort of living in a city without road problems with our renewed roads and renewed sidewalks.
I am waiting for all our fellow townsmen to the ceremony we will organize in front of Ertuğrul Gazi Anatolian High School on Saturday, March 23rd. " said.

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