DÇP Railway can not be sold in public (Photo Gallery)

DÇP Rail cannot be sold publicly
On behalf of the Railway Workers Platform, BTS Chairman Yavuz DEMİRKOL and TUS President Nazmi GÜZEL made a statement on the date of 13.03.2013. Distinguished Members of Press; 156 years of glorious history of the liberalization of railways Turkey will determine the future of our railways she prepared Draft Law on March 13 2013 10 day hours: 30 in the Parliament of Public Works, Transport, Communications and Tourism will be discussed at the commission. Draft; It recommends the recommendation of railways. It paves the way for railways to be taken by multinational companies. Railways are one of the lowest sectors in the profit margin. However, it is the engine power of economic and social life. We are faced with a regulation that we will remove the state monopoly and that our country and our nation will be adversely affected. The draft is intended to be the infrastructure and train operator of the private sector. In fact, the United Kingdom acquired the state monopoly of infrastructure and train traffic after many years. There is no purpose beyond the certification of EU criteria hype and a number of support companies.
Those who have just retired and those who have just received retirement are forced to retire and experienced railroaders are being forced out of the system. The draft is relying on private sector investments. They do not contain mana. Limitation of new configuration targets to 5 years cannot be a remedy for railways that meet the 27,5 of revenue. There are no regulations in the draft law. The real intentions will come to life with regulations. The liberation of the railways is overcome by predicting the source problem. However, alternative sources are not recommended in the draft. TCDD, the political will to intervene more like the intervention of the will is wanted. There is no provision in this draft to guarantee employees. On the contrary, it is intended to employ subcontracted workers who work with minimum wage and have no security. In fact, TCDD currently transports Private Sector wagons and keeps its wagons idle. We're wondering what else to expect.
There is no single regulation in order to eliminate the discrimination among employees in the institution and to establish a job peace which is damaged by employing the same people in different statuses. Those who have been on duty for 10 years have not touched the rail share of the passengers on the passenger from% 5 to 1,5 and on load from% 7 to 4,5. In the TCDD, while the 80 was employed by a thousand workers-officers, the ratio of the income expense was at the level of% 52s. It is not questioned how the 27s are backed up today. Nobody touches the railways and their employees are always touching. The railway will remove traffic safety and security, and accidents will become inevitable. This draft law aims at commercialization and eliminates public services.
Distinguished Members of the Press, We, as railway employees, will not touch our Railways since their establishment, especially in the War of Independence. We will not forget that there will be no mechanic who will take the train in the War of Independence by leaving it in the hands of multinational corporations. We will not allow the advice of the railways providing services to enable our nation to exercise its freedom of travel. Today we share our sensitivities with public opinion. If we do not return from wrong, we will continue our more effective struggle with determination. Our actions and activities will be shared with the public vote until the use of our power from the warnings and service. Railways will be saved with the will that saves the country.

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