Bursa YHT station is in full swing

Bursa YHT station is in full swing
Years of dream of the high-speed train coming to Bursa, while the station continues to be the same speed.
As the high-speed train from Ankara to Bursa is known, three stations are located within the borders of our city.
The first station is the city center of Yenisehir.
The second is Yenişehir.
The only difference is that the address of the second station is at Yenişehir Airport.
The third is Balat, the Gate.
In the first phase of the project, after the Yenişehir for the high-speed train, the second station was Gürsu.
Gürsu Mayor Orhan Özcü, who is trying to make the station work in Gürsu, was treated like he had committed a crime.
Özcü then stepped back in his insistence on the station as if kon you know Öz.
It was Kamil Dönmez, the president of the Gürsu Chamber of Agriculture, and a farmer who opposed the construction of the high-speed train station to Gürsu and turned it into action.
When we look at the point reached today, Balat was the only stop in Bursa in the fast train project.
In this case, no matter where you live in the city, if you are going to use the fast train, you have to come to Balat.
Because there's no other station.
This station will also cause transportation problems due to the density that will occur in this region.
Imagine today, the central population of 3 million people will benefit from the city's fast train for a single station there.
However, couldn't a station be included in Gürsu to be projected in a suitable place that would not harm the agricultural lands?
In fact, the station designated for Yenişehir Airport could not be removed from the project and replaced by a second station to the city center?
It could be honey.
With the population of 1 million, the citizens who live in the eastern part of the city will be very difficult in this case.
We asked the details of the AK Party deputy Huseyin Sahin, a happy new development of the Bursa passed.
He said that the project we are talking about is designed by TCDD in such a way that it can be transformed into the station if necessary.
In other words, if a station could be constructed in case of need, feasibility and expropriation works were planned in this direction.
This important step in facilitating the comfort of human beings is an important development in the fast train project.

Source: Ersel PEKER - www.bursahakimiyet.com.t is

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