Metro reaction from CHPs

Metro reaction from CHPs
KadıköyHe claimed that the Eagle Metro was expensive. Releasing and accompanying ones, Kadıköy He distributed brochures on the subject to the citizens at the Metro Station.

Early in the morning Kadıköy Coming to the entrance of the subway, CHP Istanbul Provincial President Oğuz Kağan Salıcı and his accompanying people distributed the brochures they prepared about the metro costs to the citizens. Kadıköy-Kartal Metro costly claiming to be releasing, the subway which cost 140 million pounds per kilometer told the citizens that Turkey is the most expensive metro. Kadıköy At the exit of the metro station, Salıcı tries to give verbal information and distribute brochures to citizens traveling by metro, Kadıköy- He explained to the citizens that Kartal Metro was built at 3 times the cost of İzmir Metro. Oğuz Kağan Salıcı made a statement to press members after distributing brochures to citizens Kadıköy- Arguing that Kartal Metro cost a lot of money, “If this metro had been built with the prices and conditions made by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, it is now 22 kilometers Kadıköy- Eagle Metro would be 66 kilometers and the same figure would have been paid. The same money would have come out of Istanbul's pocket. In Izmir, our Metropolitan Municipality cost 1 million lira for 56 kilometer of metro. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality costed 140 million liras. Moreover, İzmir covered all costs from its own budget and its own resources. Istanbul handed over this subway to the ministry as it could not. The ministry finished it, but it cost 140 million lira. Moreover, this subway is flooding, ”he said.

In order to inform citizens about the issue Kadıköy- Expressing that they distribute brochures at all the stops in Kartal Metro, Salıcı added that their aim is to prove that this metro can be built 3 times the length of the metro. After the announcement, Salici and his entourage continued to provide information to the citizens by taking the subway.



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