CHP Istanbul Deputy Celal Dinçer Kartal-Kadıköy asked his subway

CHP Istanbul Deputy Celal Dinçer Kartal-Kadıköy asked his subway: Istanbul Deputy Celal Dinçer asked questions to the TBMM Presidency to be answered by Minister of Interior Muammer Güler and Minister of Environment and Urbanism Erdoğan Bayraktar.
Istanbul Deputy Dinçer, in the proposals submitted to the Assembly Presidency; Eagle-Kadıköy Metro and the transformation of disaster risk areas in Istanbul.
-Eagle-Kadıköy metro-
Istanbul Member of Parliament Celal Dinçer, with the request of the reply of Minister of Interior Muammer Güler and Kartal-Kadıköy in his proposal addressing the issue of the subway, he included the following statements and questions:
"From the news in the press, the Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor called" the biggest metro line in the history of the Republic "and consisted of 7 stations, which ended in 16 years and spent billions of liras. Kadıköy- It is understood that the eagle subway has many mistakes and deficiencies and water leaks from the walls.
According to this news;
What is the cause of water leakage and dehumidification that starts at Ünalan Station where the metrobus transmission is located? Is a study done to prevent it?
Do you intend to undertake an investigation on the source of the leak and to determine and punish those responsible for the deficiency, which are caused by the lack of insulation and which in the long term can cause harm to the structure?
Why are the faults in the walking stations in the subway stations not resolved in a short time? Is there any negligence on this issue? Bu

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