Czech Republic EurasiaRail Attends 2013 with 18 Czech Company (Photo Gallery)

Czech Republic EurasiaRail Participates in 2013 with 18 Czech Company
Eurasia 2013, which will start today in Istanbul, is the highest in the Czech Republic
is one of the participating countries. 18 Czech is a high-tech company
railway technology, rail motors, wagons, passenger and cargo transport, communication and signaling
systems, logistics or infrastructure. Turkey, Czech
Is one of the main business partners for the Republic and the common trade is the new millennium
10 has increased since the beginning.
Istanbul, 7 March 2013: 18 Czech company at Euroasia rail fair
500m2 will present in the field. These companies in the field of today's railway industry and infrastructure
Among the largest companies located in Turkey for many years and some of these firms
while some of them will enter the Turkish market.
commercial and economic relations between the former Czechoslovakia and Turkey 1. World War
It has a long history starting from the end. Old Czechoslovakia, high
technology products, technology, sugar mills, breweries, rolling
a number of industrial factories such as factories, power plants, tire production facilities
was involved in the development of the Turkish industry. Production
cooperation area on commercial vehicle, motorcycle, forklift trucks and lathe assemblies
It has been established.
Turkey according to the Export Strategy of the Czech Republic during 2012-2020 priority
The fact that one of the 12 countries has been chosen
It emphasizes. '' Czech-Turkish Trade Joint Chamber '' and '' Energy Working Committee '' Czech
Republic and important for strengthening the economic and commercial dimensions between Turkey
among platforms. In addition, Turkey's largest energy exhibition in the Czech Republic in the year 2013
Brno will participate in the International Engineering Fair as a partner country.
Especially in recent years, driving with a dynamic economic relations between Turkey
It is growing. According to the balance of trade volume in recent years, Turkey is the most important Czech
Is one of the business partners of the Republic. Common trade has long been on an upward trend
and has grown tenfold since the millennium. Rail transport only
With the long-term trade agreements between the two countries,
2011 in trading 2.7 has received a million-dollar record value, while 2012 million in 2.8
The dollar has reached a higher value.
These contracts must be implemented within this year and in the coming years. Business in 2013
The volume will be above 3 billion USD and we hope it will increase in the following years.
Turkey is an attractive partner for the Czech Republic with a population of 75 million. Mutual cooperation
The most powerful sectors for the energy industry and mainly for rail transport, urban transport
transport infrastructure focused on systems and general traffic safety. New cooperation
high value-added environmental technologies, nano technology, automotive industry
and modern technologies such as mining technologies. Turkey's powerful regional
Czech firms considering the fact that players are likely to be in the future with Turkish firms
they are seriously involved in collaborations, hence this is
why could it be.
The main Czech export cars are related to the automotive industry as cars, auto mechanical parts,
In addition to automatic data processing, electronic switching devices, monitors,
televisions, electric batteries, lamps, television screens, pump weight
compressors, tires and rolled steel
is an expert.
Energy industry solutions (boilers, turbines, turbine machines, generators)
medical devices are becoming increasingly important. The growth boom in freight wagons exports
We see. One of the participants of Eurasia Rail 2013 is Czech company Lokotrans last 10 year
Faccpp in Turkey, Faccs and Rs. has supplied more than 200 wagons. Turkey
and the Czech Republic also cooperate closely in R & D. Bürkumný umnstav
Kolejových Vozidel (VÚKV - Railway Vehicle Research Institute)
The employees of S&Q MART company, who performed the tests of their wagons
trained in the technical specifications of the railway system joint operation and Korean company
ROTEM's new locomotive project for Turkish railways.
Turkey imported goods carried in transport equipment from the Czech Republic
share is seen to increase. Especially cars, auto spare parts, iron - steel and
textile products, electronic goods (including white goods) and traditional Turkish exports
foodstuffs (fruit, spices, dried fruit, etc.)




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