We commemorate Çanakkale Martyrs with respect and mercy

steel tower towers of canakkale bridge were completed
steel tower towers of canakkale bridge were completed

Çanakkale is the epic story of an unprecedented war and an unheard of pain. Life, property, property, lover, mother, father, spouse and friend were pushed aside and just saying '' Homeland First '', they had their breasts upright, honorable, proud, brave, loyal, free, an unprecedented people. Çanakkale is a struggle that has not been lived until.

Every part of the land is full of bullets and lifeless body, every part of the land is blood, every part of the land left a life is a homeless graveyard Canakkale.

Today at 18 Mart.Çanakkale without commemorating their eyes, not just blinking their eyes and just '' Vatan Sağolsun '' sacrifice by saying the day of commemorating our great martyrs.

There's not much to say.

Atam said the last word in the Dardanelles.

'' We will always say our last word until the last drop of our blood flows to this land.

This country is entrusted to you from us, we are not owners but we are going to return what we received from you.
This nation has served him in this country for some honor, even if this nation has honored him. You have served this fatherland even did not dare anybody to do it. This nation will be honored in history until you delete from the stage of history and will always live in hearts where you deserve.

For the sake of life, the souls of the martyrs.

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