Bursaray escorts married couples

Bursaray escorts married couples
BURSA Metropolitan Municipality daily 200 thousand passengers carrying the rail system BursaRay 100 driver 6 women are made up of. The female drivers 4'ı married BursaRay'ın male drivers. By the managers, the hours of the shift combined with the married couples satisfied with their lives.
BursaRay, which operates in Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, carries the 200 thousand people on average 220 bin weekends every day. 6 100 train driver is working in BursaRay. Zeynep Özbaşaran, a woman driver, is married to Recep Özbaşaran and Yasemin Kaderoğlu Cengiz Kaderoğlu, Yasemin Aktay Bahadır Aktay and Aydanur Mutlu are married to Ergün Mutlu. Friends of her friends Aydanur Mutlu still on the maternity leave, women's train drivers, working day 8 hours, he said.
Zeynep Özbaşaran said, “We are six ladies. The four of us were married to our colleagues in love here. Our children and we have a nice home. We understand each other very well because we know the stress we are having at work. İş
Some passengers can't believe their eyes when they see female drivers, some of them come to their side and say, 'Are you real?' Yasemin Aktay, Zeynep Özbaşaran and Yasemin Kaderoğlu explained the interesting events they could not forget as a female train driver:
“We had very interesting events and we live. A pregnant woman who was pregnant kept the labor pains during the trip. I was very impressed when I saw her. We immediately alerted the staff. We wanted an ambulance from 112 Emergency. Besides, we will never forget a mother's forgetting about her 4 monthly baby girl in her wagon. It was very interesting. We took care of the baby for 20 minutes until she came back to her mother's name. One of our passengers forgot the two crutches in the wagon. We were very surprised to see these staffs. Then we handed it over. During a yoculuk, we saw all the passengers in the car at the previous stop before passing through the Şükraniye Viaduct. We were surprised. When we asked what was going on, a passenger in the car said, 'This train is passing by to test the viaduct. We could see people fall out of the car because of the rumors. It wasn't easy for us to convince them. Onları
Women train drivers, retired teacher when they see themselves, "Atatürk, you would be very proud of seeing this success," he could not forget the moment he said.

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