Bursa T1 Tram Line Arrives in Critical Zone

Bursa T1 Tram Line Arrives in Critical Zone
Studies in the 4 major artery in Bursa blocked traffic to the west and east of the city.

For months on the way to Ankara, Bursaray was closed for the Kestel stage. Citizens, even though the route has been closed for months, why the underpass is not clear why the work of the people, asked the public to explain. Kestel, Gürsu, İnegöl and Yenişehir and Bursa, those who come, due to a simple lack of clocks are lost on the road.

It was the asphalting work on the İzmir Road. When the rookies locked, life in the city came to a halt. In particular, in the evening, due to the lock on the Acemler junction, Dikkaldırim, Hat, Bağ streets and the nearby ring road were locked. Children from the Kükürtlü schools in the evening could not pass to İhsaniye in 2 hours. Parents observed the path of their children with anxious anticipation at home. Half an hour in the service could not go 300 meters of children entered stress. Children in the toilet crying at the service cry. Service was surprised at the drivers. In some regions, gsm networks could not even serve because of the fact that the vehicles could not get out of the nodes. Traffic management teams with great effort, especially in the streets around Acemler and tried to run the traffic. However, the Izmir road that was closed without any measure was overriding the whole city. The parents and the parents who asked for newspapers asked for an account of this disrespect. Some families who intend to take their children to the service of the service drivers do not leave your vehicle with the warning can not go if they have blocked.


The works of Bademli bridged junction where the highways contractor is working very slowly go very slowly despite months. There is no serious study in Bademli junction. When the air is warmed with Mudanya traffic over the weekend while taking the load, due to the intersection of the 3 lane the path of enjoyment, turns into a pecker. Especially on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, returns from Mudanya are becoming a complete suffering. It is possible to enter the city on the 2 hour, which is also used by those who come from Istanbul. Despite the 5 month, the contractor firm showed no activity, and the intersection study is concerned about the pain that will go to Mudanya in the summer months. As soon as possible to accelerate the work.


Metropolitan Municipality also started to work in the critical regions of the tram in the historic city center also squeezed. Together with the closure of the variant in Çatalfırın, the work in front of the Demirtaşpaşa Industrial Vocational High School leads to a concentration in the central points. Especially for touristic visits, local and foreign tourists have difficulty in visiting the historical area. Due to the commencement of the conquest ceremonies of Bursa next week, it is requested that the works in this region be completed day by day and completed within 5 days.

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