Brazil considers privatization of ports and railway enterprises

Brazil considers privatization of ports and railway businesses considering privatization
Aiming to strengthen its current economic structure and increase competition against world economies, the Brazilian government plans to privatize the port and railway businesses in the country. New investments in this field are being considered in Brazil, which has revised the transportation and customs legislation as a result of the activity in foreign trade in recent years.
President Dilma Rousseff said in a statement on the issue that the current ports in the country will not respond to the demand and that new ports will be needed in 2015. Rousseff said that the privatization of ports would benefit the country's economy in terms of reducing costs and reducing the bureaucracy.
The Brazilian leader, who argued that the railroads in the country should get their share of this privatization, pointed out that with the new investments, the existing railway network should be expanded and this area should be given importance in transportation.

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