Metropolitan Municipality Opened Asphalt Season

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality started XnumX asphalt renovation works with Kemal Köker Street.
2013 Asphalt season was started by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality on Kemal Köker Street. In order not to interfere with the flow of urban traffic, the teams of Asphalt Branch of the Directorate of the Department of Science Affairs of the Metropolitan Municipality started 3 bin 600 ton asphalt application during the study.
9 Asphalt works started on March at 14 in March on the 14 Street.
Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs, the statement made by the 2013 year asphalt studies in the main arteries, especially in areas responsible for the Metropolitan Municipality until the end of the year of hot asphalt production and patch work is reported to be targeted.
Metropolitan Municipality within the boundaries of the climate conditions and work on the end of the negativity caused by the disturbance of the asphalt in the statement stated that the said, Kemal Köker Street and Fidanlık Neighborhood Street asphalt in the 14 number is completed, the works will be continued with the production of Ataturk Street 80 and Kemal Kalender Street asphalt productions said.
The statement also emphasized that after the completion of the works in the main arteries of the city, the efforts to provide a healthier structure to the roads and village roads, which are the responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality, will continue.
Authorities, asphalting work started in March until the end of October, within the scope of the work to be carried out by the end of the patch work will continue until the end of the year, he said.

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