Minister Kılıçdan reacted to the criticism of sleeping wagons

Minister Kılıçdan reacted to the criticism of sleeping wagons
Suat Kılıç responded to the Youth Train criticism…
Reminded that in the Youth Train there is now an explanation that girls and boys travel separately, Minister Suat Kılıç said:
“Last year, we took 200 thousand young people to the programs in the summer months. 500 thousand targets this year, 1 million next summer. Either you will limit this business with 3-5 thousand people and you will mix, or if your goals are millions, if a program will be held to meet the expectations of the young people, who are entrusted in a safe and secure manner to ensure their safety, and the number will reach millions. taking is inevitable. What we do is a precaution to ensure our own safety and the safety of our children. There are 52 weeks of the year, our programs continue for 1 week. If there are people who are uncomfortable with this job, the remaining 51 weeks is a 51 week that everyone can spend and use as they wish. We open our programs this way in one week of the year. Those who desire join, those who do not want do not participate. As far as I can see, our daughters have no problem with this job. Because the participation rates, which were 30 percent, reached 51 percent in the summer of 2012.

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