Ski Resorts in Austria

Austria is Europe's most popular skiing country. It is famous for its modern ski resorts, technical equipment, runways as well as entertainment venues and hotels. Delicious meals, live music on the runway, bars, luxury shops attracts skiers from different countries to this country.

The last 60 of Austria's many ski resorts live the most profitable days of the year. So far, I've been recording all the popular ski resorts in the country. Each one has a different atmosphere. There is a center suitable for all levels, from budget to skiers.

The most luxurious ski resorts Between the Austrian Alps and Vorarlberg, the Arlberg mountain range reaches the 2800 meter altitude and features Austria's most luxurious, expensive ski resorts. This area is especially suitable for those who can ski in moderate and good conditions. Lech, Zürs, Stuben, St. Christoph, St. The Arlberg area, which includes Anton, is known for its five-star hotels. Especially in Lech and Zurs, ski holiday, delicious food at the hotels, evening by the fireplace sohbetIt turns into a feast with s. It is very easy to reach Arlberg by train from Innsbruck Airport or Zurich. Most hotels carry their customers from the airport to the ski resort with their own vehicles. Mooserwirt is one of the apres bars where the indispensable fun for ski enthusiasts reaches its peak. St. Anton has wonderful hotels as well as small chalets. Finish bars are nice. Because it is very popular, it is more expensive than other ski resorts in the country. When you buy the "Arlberg magnetic chair lift card", you can enter many ski slopes in the surrounding including Lech and Zurs.

Sölden, built on the glacier of Tiefenbach in the Ötztal Valley, the favorite of the Russians, is the country's highest ski resort. At the 3250 meter altitude center it is possible to ski every season of the year. It appeals to medium and good skiers. He prefers Russian rich mostly. Russian Prime Minister Putin is also said to be a store here. There are dozens of great apres bars in the mountains. The ensemble playing on the platforms is adding color to the skiing pleasure.

For those who want to skate, this small city of four thousand inhabitants in Zillertal Valley of Tirol is a great center for moderate and good skiers with its vibrant nightlife. It especially appeals to crowded groups of friends who want to slip together. It is located at the top of the valley, right next to the Hintertux glacier at 3250 meters and you can reach the nearby ski resorts by skiing. The total length of the tracks is 160 kilometers. It reaches 600 kilometers with its environmental connections. There is a train service to Mayrhofen from Jenbach around the clock. The ski lifts are very crowded between 8.45 - 9.45 in the morning. I recommend not to go during these hours.

This village of Sölden, suitable for families, is at an altitude of 1930 meters. Ski area restricted, but for beginners paradise. The sum of the runways, which also appeal to moderate skiers, reaches 110 kilometers. Apres bars are mostly preferred by families. The hotels are very good quality. Beauty and health centers offer options for skiing. You can use Sölden's telesijejler which you can reach in a short time by bus with the day card you get here.

13 km at night ski slope

9 kilometers south of Kufstein, the village with the population of 3500, the most affordable among the other centers. Bars, restaurants are full of young people. She's famous for her night skiing. Although it is the lowest altitude ski resort in the country, the total length of the runways reaches 280 kilometers. 13 kilometer in the night skis. Nightlife is rich, plenty of entertainment alternatives, the apres bars are great. 10-15 is just a minute walk from hotels in the center of the ski lifts. Also from the hotels every 15 bus leaves every minute. It's a budget hotel for every budget.

One of the five major ski resorts of the Gastenin Valley in the Province of Salzburg, famous for its health centers. GroBar, Bad Gastein, Sportgastein and Dorgastein difference thermal resources, beauty centers to stand out. The Alpentherme facilities are easily accessible from the underground passages. Total area of ​​thermal pools 32 decar! The nearby Bad Gastein is part of Europe's largest ski area, combining the 28 ski resort. This center has 278 chairlift and a total 860 mile downhill runway. Nightlife in Gastenin Valley is almost non-existent. On the other hand, there are many stores selling ski equipment. It is the choice of those who love silence and romance. Good quality restaurants. Many hotels serve half board. They all offer quality and traditional dishes.

The host of the Hahnenkamm races is the 100 mile east of this medieval city of Innsbruck, with eight thousand inhabitants. The service is full of authentic hotels, boutiques and trendy ski suits, shops selling supplies. Traditional delicatessen is popular. They have great apres bars. Each level has a ski track for the skier. The total length of the tracks reaches 165 kilometers. Every winter since the 1931 on Hahnenkamm Mountain, Europe's ski races are being watched with curiosity. The 1712 is worth nearly a thousand Euro worth of prizes in the three competitions held on steep slopes that go down the mountain.

The most popular apres bar is one of the most popular ski resorts in the Alps, about 1 hours by road to Salzburg Airport. It has a wonderful old town atmosphere resembling a typical Austrian village. There is a very high quality hotel close to the center, most of them are short walk to the ski lifts. Hinterhag is one of the most popular apres bars in the country. They also have many quality bars. The mountain restaurants with its magnificent views offer local dishes without taste. The tracks are suitable for skiers on all levels. Their total length is over 200 kilometers. It also has connections to Hinterglemm and Leogang centers.

Although the prices are different in each center, 6-day chairlift card is generally; 200-230 Euro for adults, 150 Euro for youth, 100 Euro for children. The weekly rental of the ski starts from 100 Euros. The hour of the course fee is between 20-30 Euros. You can find out the hotel prices in the ski resorts online.

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