I've lost the Army Ropeway line

I've lost the Army Ropeway line
Deputy President Mustafa Hamarat 'ropeway was made with our support' answer to the President of the President Seyit Torun, the cable car with the support of the government's claim that the lightest expression of labor theft and the people of the army is to wave with the mind. Ham

Now Hamarat and Torun were in a hurry. AK Party Army deputy Mustafa Hamarat 'ropeway was done with our support' statement from the Army Mayor Seyit Torun was quick to respond. President Seyit Torun responded to a statement by Mustafa Hamarat about the implementation of the cable car project with a press release.

Mr. Mustafa Hamarat, the AK Party deputy from Ordu, recalled that the Army had made explanations about the Ropeway Project, one of the most important projects of the Army. To claim that it was done with the lightest phrase, the theft of labor and the wisdom of the army man. İl I give my opinion to the public that the MP said that the MP spoke about the cable car project that took place and that it was much more than expected, despite all the past statements made by the Minister, MPs, Municipal Assembly Members and the AKP Provincial Chairman, and the enforcement decisions of the protection committee. Indan

Açıkça This statement made by our deputy following the statements targeting the AKP Provincial President and our institution is a clear manifestation of forward-looking political accounts. Provincial Chairman of the same party, the Municipality of the service building, which can not do the army building, a deputy about two years ago, the most important project of the city that came into action 'we have been supported by this was done' to distort the agenda, not to tell the truth.

The agreements made by Ordu Municipality with all the activities and all the institutions and organizations that it cooperates with are made in accordance with the laws and are open to all aspects. The purpose of the Municipalities and Special Provincial Administrations to respond to the financing needs, to fulfill all kinds of development and investment banking function from the Bank of Iller Bank with the decision taken by the Municipal Council, the Municipality of Ordu to take this credit to us by means of the abide business. Because the current structure of the Municipality of Ordu for the projects put forward Iller Bank as well as other private banks or credit institutions to borrow loans.

Finally, Torun said, ild Neither the Municipality of Ordu nor any other public institution is under the control or possession of any father's property or any other political party. No one has the right to show any authority, no one has the authority to make statements that face the institutions that carry out their work under the law.

We continue to work with the understanding of responsibility we have received from the great support that the people of the army give us and try to find solutions to the problems of our people by staying within the laws.

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