Antalya does not need rail system until 2030

Antalya does not need rail system until 2030
Metropolitan, the city's 2030 transportation needs by a large-scale research, determining the 'Urban Transportation Master Plan' was created. According to the draft report, Antalya does not need a rail system until 2030.
According to the draft report of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's Urban Transportation Master Plan, Antalya does not need rail system until 2030. According to the report, which shows all the travel map of Kemer from Serik to Kemer within one day and according to the projection of 2030 year, after the 2030, only Aksu, Döşemealtı and 100. The rail system for the corridors of the year will come up. The city is comfortable to take a breath in public transportation metrobüste and 100. Examples of the year lie in the transformation of the main transport corridor into a 'metrobus' with an astonishing stall.
He's in the final stage
Antalya Metropolitan Municipality's Antalya Urban Transportation Master Plan has reached the final stage. Within the framework of the works started in April of 2011, Metropolitan Municipality made different tenders for 4. The draft work of the Transportation Master Plan, which is spent on the 615 thousand pounds, was completed and submitted to the management of the Metropolitan Municipality. Antalya Urban Transportation Master Plan is planned to be completed and finalized in March.
Congestion status
According to the report, while 31 journeys are made by public transportation in Antalya, 20 of the journeys is carried on pedestrian and 21 is carried out by car. The main plan did not show sharp peaks in the hour distribution of daily travels in Antalya. In the plan, this situation is clearly seen on the pedestrian journeys especially at noon, which is the most important indicator of the size of their city. High peaks indicate that urban citizens who do not have a high level of congestion do not have to spread their journeys.
Antalya traffic at 2030
The 2030 215 will be 5 inland and 215 in the 2. A traffic map was drawn up for Antalya in the report where the number of population, students and employees living in these traffic areas and the employment and school capacity of each region were determined by a master plan of zoning: ile The city 2 117 is a thousand kilometers long 5 bin The 37 junction is interconnected by a main road network of XNUMX bin XNUMX road sections. X
Six main transport corridors
A series of alternative public transport development scenarios were introduced in the report prepared for 2030 million 2 thousand population projections for 200. Accordingly, 6 public transportation corridor was determined throughout Antalya. These corridors '' Axis Corridor '' 13.5 kilometers between Meydan and EXPO Exhibition Area, 'Lara Corridor' with 25.2 kilometers length between Migros and Hotels, '' Varsak Corridor '' between XVIX and Varsak Municipality, 'Xarsun Corridor' between XVIX and XIUM, '16 Mileage' between Sarısu and Mevlana. Konyaalti Corridor '14.5', even with the 'Gazi Boulevard Corridor' Fatih and Organized Industrial Zone formed between the 17.3 kilometers of the 'Tiled Lower Corridor' as expressed.
Rail system requirement
Aksu, Dosemealti, 100. In the corridors of the year, according to the travel volume of 2030 year, it is stated that the demands cannot be met by bus operation in mixed traffic and there is a need for a physically separated high capacity wheeled public transport bus BRT. The rail system came up for these three aisles in the report, and it was recommended that the design be carried out in consideration of the possibility of this requirement after the 2030 year. In the Lara Corridor, it is stated that the demand for bus can be met by metrobus while a regular bus operation is sufficient for the corridors of Varsak and Gazi Boulevard.
100. Year main transport corridor
In the 'summary report' prepared for senior executives of the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, 100, where the outputs were sank today. On the year boulevard, a 'metrobus with astonishing stop' system was proposed. For this model supported by photographs from China's Lanzhou and Yinchuan cities, the '100. Although it is recommended to establish a priority corridor for public transportation in the Corridor of the Year, it is a prerequisite for this. Year Boulevard must be taken to Gazi Boulevard 'statements were given.
How was the plan prepared?
The Antalya Urban Transportation Master Plan, which was completed in draft work, was shared among a narrow group of managers in the Metropolitan Area. The objective of the plan was expressed as 'a dynamic plan that can be used to define short- and medium-term projects, which can be kept up-to-date by applying the developments that occur in the practice that determines strategies and principles.' The plan of the new public transportation system of Antalya, Transportation-Art Transportation Research and Planning Company and Transportation Planning and Rail System Department Transportation Main Plan Group prepared by the plan consists of 4 reports and supplements.

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