Description of Ağaoğlu from Uludağ

The information that the contractor businessman Ali Ağaoğlu's hotel, which came to the agenda with the discussion that he was on the run in Uludağ, was closed. In the first statement made by the group, the information that the hotel was sealed was not denied. However, Ali Ağaoğlu, who later made a statement to Hürriyet, said that the sealing incident was out of the question. Expressing that the court process regarding the hotel's situation is continuing, Ağaoğlu said that they will act according to the decision.

In the first statement from the company to Hürriyet's questions on the issue, he said, “The hotel is currently sealed and the court process continues. The decision from there is expected. We will act according to the future decision ”.

However, after this first statement from the company, Ali Ağaoğlu, speaking to Hürriyet, said, "The information that the hotel has been sealed is not correct, the court process is ongoing".

The customers at Ağaoğlu My Resort Hotel, which was allegedly illegal in Uludağ, were transferred to other hotels on March 10, following the developments, and the hotel closed the season by not receiving a new reservation.


Ağaoğlu My Resort Hotel, which has been serving in 1995 in the First Region in Uludağ, is the Uludağ 2000, which was prepared by the Ministry of Forestry, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Ministry of Environment in 4. The hotel built an additional building with permission from the zoning plan. The annex of the new section, which is 431 square meters in total, has been in use for nearly 13 years.


However, the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs applied to the Osmangazi District Governorship a short time ago when the additional hotel building built on an area of ​​431 square meters was illegal and demanded that this part be demolished. Upon this request, the demolition teams went to the hotel with the instruction of the Osmangazi District Governorship, but Ali Ağaoğlu prevented the demolition with the decision to stay execution. Ali Ağaoğlu said, following this development, “I built the hotel with the approval of 3 ministries. There is no question of any demolition process. I decided to stay execution from the court. "If the hotel is to be demolished, I will wash it."

Among the allegations in the case, Ağaoğlu was given an area of ​​7 square meters, while only 662 square meters of it was opened to construction, but Ağaoğlu also built a 1.800-storey illegal building with a 435 square meter floor space outside this area.

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