Ağaoğlu builds 7 multi-storey building in Uludağ

Ağaoğlu builds 7 multi-storey building in Uludağ
Ağaoğlu, who built a illegal structure, one of which has 5 floors in 7 different parts in Uludağ, decided to stop the execution from the court the day before the demolition.

Ağaoğlu built a fugitive structure in 5, a separate section in 7 in Uludağ, and adapted the destruction to its sheath.

Habertürk'ta according to the news, for the demolition of the teams going to Uludag jet speed to stop the decision of the execution was taken.

Ali Ağaoğlu, who operates a hotel in Uludağ, has revealed that his plant has been growing at a rate of 70 in violation of legal permits. Agaoglu, in the forest area contrary to the license in the 5 separate section, one of the 7 storey building has built illegal structures. In order to prevent illegal construction in the forest area, the teams going to demolish the building of 7 which was built by Ağaoğlu yesterday encountered another surprise. Ali Ağaoğlu, to prevent destruction yesterday at noon the court decided to stop the execution.

The Ministry gave Ağaoğlu an area of ​​7 thousand 662 square meters and opened only one thousand 800 square meters of it. However, outside of this area, Ağaoğlu also built 435-floor runaway building with 7 square meters floor. In addition to this violation, Ağaoğlu has also built an 49 square meter, 48 square meter social facility, 68 square meter water tank and 110 square meter LPG tank separately.

Source: http://haber.sol.org.tr



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