Adıyamanda continues to work as a ski resort

Adıyaman Governor Mahmut Demirtaş stated that the Çat Dam Recreation Project and Ski Center works in Çelikhan are continuing.

Representatives of various non-governmental organizations in Çelikhan visited Governor Demirtaş in his office. Demirtaş congratulated non-governmental organizations for their work on Syria, especially during the visit.

Pointing to the efforts of the people of the district regarding Syria, Demirtaş said that Syrians staying in the tent city in Adıyaman should be helped.

Demirtas, indicating that they are working on two important projects for Çelikhan, Çat Dam Recreation Project and Ski Center work is continuing.

Emphasizing that the work in the Çat Dam Recreation Project has started, but they are at the beginning of the road for the ski resort, Delirtaş said that the construction of the ski center will gain importance in the Southeastern Anatolia Region in terms of winter tourism.

Grup sözcüSü Abumüslüm Çakmak said that as non-governmental organizations in the district, they established a Syrian Aid Platform and collected aid above the district potential.

Visit to the AK Party

The delegation, consisting of representatives of non-governmental organizations, later visited AK Party Provincial Chairman Halil İbrahim Fırat.

The delegates stated that they were preparing a joint project within the scope of the Social Support Program (SODES) in the district and asked for support from Fırat.

Firat expressed his satisfaction with the visit, said they would provide all kinds of support for the beautiful partnership.

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