Adana Metropolitan Asphalt Site Starts Production

unpaved road on the island will not be broken pavement
unpaved road on the island will not be broken pavement

Zihni Aldırmaz, Deputy Mayor of Adana Metropolitan Municipality, visited the asphalt construction site which was completed and ready for production.

Speaking with the officials of the company that made the asphalt construction site and drinking tea with the workers for a while sohbet Zihni Aldırmaz said that 200 tons of production will be made per day at the facility with a production capacity of 3 tons per hour.
Explaining that there are also two warehouses with a capacity of one thousand tons, Zihni Aldırmaz said, “Adana is an important facility. kazanwas. This facility has the capacity to meet the asphalt needs of not only the Metropolitan Municipality, but also all district municipalities in Adana. With the production we will make in this facility, which is worthy of Adana, we will not leave an unpaved place.” said.

Zihni Aldırmaz stated that there is a system at the asphalt construction site to evaluate old asphalts as well. Zihni Aldırmaz, who explained that the old asphalt on the roads was scraped with a milling cutter before the new asphalt was made, said, “With the milling cutter, the old asphalt is mixed into the newly produced asphalt at a rate of 10-15% and reused. kazanI am provided. This is an important economic contribution.” he said.

Zihni Aldırmaz, said: yum We transferred our old asphalt construction site to the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the arena stadium. So we decided to build the new site here and it was completed in a short time. We will start production in a few days. Adana has no asphalt problem with this facility. Bu

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