3. When will the foundation of the bridge be thrown?

  1. When will the foundation of the bridge be thrown? : The consortium formed by the 3 Turkish bank for the 7 bridge will provide 2.4 billion-dollar project financing for 10 billion dollars in total.

Following the cancellation of the highway and bridge crossing tender, the eyes were transformed into build-operate-transfer tenders as well as the following privatizations.

The most important of these is the tender for the 'Northern Marmara Motorway Project Odayeri-Paşaköy section' which includes the construction of the 3 Bridge to the Bosphorus.

The IC İçtaş-Astaldi consortium 10 won the tender in May last year with the offer of operating period, including 2 year 20. In the intervening period, the lack of a loan agreement with the banks and the fact that the construction did not start caused claims that this project was experiencing difficulties.


Despite the rumors of “cancellation” in the backstage of the business community, the message from the winning group “All is well İş came. Ibrahim Çeçen, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of IC Holding, said that they were expecting to lay the foundation of the bridge in May. Çeçen stated that different processes of bridge and highway tenders are different and said: ler We started our project works. Credit agreement came to the final stage, Kredi he said. 7 Ibrahim Chechen, who pointed out that the intention agreement was signed with the Turkish bank, gave the following information regarding the details of the loan:


Gerekiyor After this intention agreement, the lawyers of the two sides should examine such a big job and the event should come to the contract stage. We are currently experiencing the process. 7 is the Turkish bank and we are working to make this loan agreement in accordance with the legislation in every respect. The consortium of the 7 Turkish bank will provide a total of 2.4 billion-dollar project financing. The loan will be 10 yearly in total. K

The feet will look like the letter "A"

The signing of the loan agreement with the banks after the approval of the Treasury will be received, said Chechen, but they will come to the foundation said. Chechen expects that the Treasury approval process will be completed by the end of April and the laying ceremony will take place at the beginning of May. Noting that drilling is currently underway, Chechen said, Ç This bridge will be the engineering wonder of 2000. It's gonna be a beautiful bridge. Bridge feet will look like letter A. We can't give much detail. Our project is ready in all aspects, but the Prime Minister will make the presentation. Proj


  1. Following the 10 year 2 month 20 daily offer of the IC İçtaş-Astaldi consortium for the bridge tender, the second best offer was given by Cengiz İnşaat-Kolin Construction-Limak Construction-Makyol Construction-Kalyon Construction Joint Venture Group 14 year 9 month 4 daily. The fact that the 4 year 7 had a very high difference between the two offerings, opened the discussion on the return on investment. Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, who personally explained the results of the tender, stated that the cost of the project would be around 4,5 billion liras and that the project would be completed in 36 months. Yildirim, the bridge at the end of the year 2015 Istanbul, said they aimed to begin to serve.

Source: Akis Newspaper

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