Ajda Pekkanın Metrobus Curiosity

Ajda Pekkanın Metrobus Curiosity
Ajda Pekkan Never said that the public transportation vehicle Ajda Pekkan, said he was very curious to ride the metrobus.
The superstar of Turkish pop music Ajda Pekkan gave an interview to Şebnem Özcan from the newspaper Today. Ajda Pekkan, who made sincere statements in the interview, expressed her longing for children.
For example, there are trams in Zurich, I would get on them and get off on the other side just to satisfy my taste. Nobody knows how beautiful. I am very curious about the metrobus most, I want to ride a lot. He said I wonder about the IDOs going to the Islands.

Source : www.haberciniz.biz




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