Pride of Bursa Silkworm EurasiRail 2013

silkworm tram
silkworm tram

The Pride of the Burse is the Eye of the Peacock EurasiRail 2013 Bursa Bursa Municipality under the leadership of Bursa Durmazlar Turkey's first indigenous tram produced by the machine Silkworm, held in Istanbul and attended by world-renowned rail firm Eurasia Rail Fair was 2013 pupil.

Eurasia Rail 2013 Fair was held between 7-9 March at the Istanbul Expo Center (IFC). The 25 company from 287 is participating in the third fair this year. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, Taha Aydin with the President, visited the exhibition stands, IFC CEO Bülent Erten received information about the work. President Altepe, who also examined the stand of the silkworm tram, said that the tram produced by the Bursa industry was the favorite of the fair.

Bursa as tramcars, metro and producing high-speed train tracks indicating that they had a legitimate pride in Turkey and that great pleasure that expresses President Altepe, "This is the most glaring product of the fair, Silkworm tram produced in Bursa. It is really appreciated by all, often causing rave reviews. This situation pleases us. Really nice work and this study revealed both Turkey's economy in the future will provide a major contribution to the municipal area. We can easily see the reflections at the fair, ”he said.

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