Mayor Altepe Said To Produce Tram

Mayor Altepe Said To Produce Tram
Mayor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Recep Altepe stated that they produce the best quality and most equipped trams, tram We produce not only tram, subway, but also high speed train. Let Anatolia support, let's do production together. Anadolu
Serious discussions were held about the new trams, which were tendered by Konya Metropolitan Municipality and the contract was signed recently. Konya Metropolitan Municipality's 60 new tram purchase tender remained in Şkoda, while the Metropolitan Municipality was criticized for disregarding the 51 percent localization requirement. On the other hand, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality started to produce trams called Silkworm. At a time when it was discussed why the domestic tram is not preferred, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said that they produced the best quality and best equipped trams. Stating that they produce not only trams, but also subways and high-speed trains, Altepe explained that they can achieve the best together if Anatolia supports them.
Connected live to Konya Television's main news bulletin the previous day, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe explained how they produced the trams. Altepe said, “Both Bursa and our country are now industrial cities, we can produce everything. Our country has goals. Therefore, we municipalities and local governments need to make a breakthrough. We said it during the election period and we succeeded. Our metropolitan mayors and Konya Metropolitan Mayor Tahir Bey also visited our factory. Our first domestic vehicle including software has been completed. It received its certificate last month, and now it can participate in tenders ”. Noting that R&D units of industrial organizations supported them in this process, Recep Altepe said, “Our industrial establishment has an R&D unit. It produces machinery. We export to Europe. If we can produce machinery, we can also make the device. This has a road map. If he wants, we can come to Konya and explain how we did it ”.
Noting that the trams produced by Bursa are preferred in Europe, Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said, “An estimated 3 thousand vehicles are produced in Bursa per day. We have the best quality with the production made, because our materials and factories are very new and our young population with vocational high school education produce. Its cost is reduced by 6 in 1. We produce the best quality from France to Germany. They have also accepted this. In 15 years, the world needs 1 trion dollar rail system vehicle. "Our share will be big in this cake."
The construction of the tram production in Bursa to set an example to other provinces and Anatolia that they want to produce its own tram Altepe, "how Europe could be made even low-floor trams in Turkey he heard of admiration. We produce the desired one in every measurement with better quality. This vehicle is not the property of Bursa, we are starting mass production of the high-speed train infrastructure this month. The aim is not here in Bursa, but let the same productions be made in Konya and Kayseri. We want to be a partner in this business in all Anatolia, whether it is world-class production, ”he said.

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