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transasya express ankara tehran train schedule timetables and ticket prices
transasya express ankara tehran train schedule timetables and ticket prices

train service between Turkey and Iran has increased. The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) General Directorate, Nowruz Day was therefore increase the time the train between Turkey and Iran.

In the written statement made by the General Directorate of TCDD, it was stated that additional flights were added to the Transasya Express Train in order to meet the increasing passenger demand between the two countries due to the Nevruz Festival.

It was stated that the train service between Ankara and Tehran once a week was increased to 3 due to the Newroz Festival, it was noted that the flights of the Transasya Express were increased between 17-24-31 March 2013 with mutual additions.

In a statement, the Trans-Asian Train, which runs once a week between Iran and Turkey in Ankara-Tehran-Ankara and reportedly kuşetl consisting of wagons.

TransAsia Express Ankara to Tehran Train Shuttle Hours Route and Airfares: increasingly of passenger and freight transportation by rail between Turkey and Iran is increasing therefore the Ankara-Tehran between TransAsia Railway flights resumed mutual since August 14, 2019. Journey to Iran with Transasia Express is complete 57 hours It will continue. 188 Passenger capacity train, once a week will make mutual flights.

Transacia Express Map

Distance from Ankara to Tehran

The Transasya Express consists of 6 quadruple bunk wagons belonging to Iran RAJA between Tehran and Van and 5 belonging to TCDD Tasimacilik AS between Tatvan and Ankara. “Travels in Van-Tatvan and vice versa are provided by ferries operating in Lake Van. Travel time between Ankara and Tehran, approximately 57 hours. The distance between two cities on the Transasia Express that will run between Ankara and Tehran 2.394 kilometers.

Is there a visa for Turkish citizens to go to Iran?

As of 2019, Iran does not stamp Turkish passports on entry and exit. Turkish citizens can enter Iran without a visa and stay 90 days without paying any fee.

Transacia Express Route

The route of the Transasya Express train line is; The train will depart from Ankara and reach Kayseri, Sivas, Malatya, Elazığ and finally Tatvan. Express will continue its journey by taking the Van Lake ferry operated between Tatvan and Van in Tatvan and reaching Van. It will cross the Iranian border from Van to reach Salmas, Tabriz, Zencan and its last stop in Tehran.

Ankara> Kayseri> Sivas> Malatya> Elazig> Tatvan> Van> Salmas> Tabriz> Zanjan> Tehran

Transacia Express Timetable

Ankara - Tehran Tehran - Ankara
Ankara 14:25 Tehran 21:50
Kayseri 21:09 Zanjan 02:29
Sivas 00:31 Tabriz 11:00
Malatya 04:34 Salmas 13:19
Elazig 07:21 Razi 17:45
Mus 11:54 Kapıköy 18:30
Tatvan 13:49 Van 21:30
Tatvan Pier 14:26 Van Pier 21:38
Van Pier 21:25 Tatvan Pier 05:52
Van 21:42 Tatvan 07:30
Kapıköy 01:20 Muş 09:06
Razi 06:00 Elazig 14:13
Salmas 07:11 Malatya 16:57
Tabriz 10:00 Sivas 21:37
Zencan 17413 Kayseri 01:24
Tehran 22:05 Ankara 09:30

Transasya Express departs from Ankara and Tehran every Wednesday, once a week

How Much does Transacia Express Ticket Cost?

Tickets of the Transasya Express are on sale 60 days in advance. The single ticket fee in the couchette compartment is 41.60 euro (16.08.2019 approx. 260 TL) You can buy the ticket from the train stations that have international ticket offices.

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