Excavations at the Tunnels of Ünye Ring Road ended

The excavation work in the tunnels on the Ünye Ring Road was completed with the last excavation made by the construction machines in the left tube.

Unye Peripheral Road, the construction of which started in 2007 but the end time is extended due to various reasons, continues without slowing down. The excavation works in the tunnels have ended at Ünye Ring Road, which is planned to be completed by November depending on the weather conditions.

Governor of Unye Mustafa Demir, Highways 7. Deputy Regional Director Mustafa Reis, AK Party Unye District President Av. Ahmet Çamyar, Provincial Councilor Standing Council Fahri Sahin, the head of the circle and the next one hit the excavation work for the last visit to the study area. The excavation work in the tunnels was terminated with the hit.

Making a statement during the investigations, Mustafa Reis, Deputy Director of the Highways Samsun 7th Regional Directorate, stated that they plan to finish the works in November, if there is no adverse weather conditions. Reis said, “Today we have come to the end of the excavations of the tunnels of the Ünye Ring Road, which started in 2007. To give a brief information about the project, our Ünye Ring Road is 13,5 km and 6,2 km of it consists of tunnels. This 6,2 'tunnel is in two parts. One is 900 meters tall and the other 700 meters. Again in this project, we have one Söğütlü Viaduct. Its height is about 233 meters. In addition, there are 4 intersections with different levels in our project. There are 17 bridges in total. If nothing goes wrong, our project will be completely completed and opened to traffic in November. Again, to put it emphatically, this date depends on climate and weather conditions ”.

Mustafa Reis, Deputy Regional Manager, made a statement on the issue of giving a single lane to the public road traffic that is frequently on the agenda. Emphasizing that this practice will be dangerous and disrupt the work, Reis said, çalış It is a risk that the unilateral path will be opened as long as the work continues. In other words, it slows down the work and presents a danger to traffic safety, but if we can come to that situation, we may have a chance to turn the road into traffic on certain days, ie on holidays. ”He said.

Provincial Councilor Fahri Şahin, argued that the work of the Army's right to reveal the right to be met. Şahin, di One of the most important legs of the Unye Ring Road on the Black Sea Highway was the tunnels that set off in these road works. There was a 2 tunnel. One of them was the Yunus Emre Tunnel 1900 meter, the other was the Bayramca Tunnel, around the 700 meter. Soft tunnels were found when these tunnels were opened. We're always waiting for the day when this road is going to run. But today we have seen the last light on Ünye Ring Road. Tunnel works are completed in Tunnel Works in Ünye Ring Road by opening the machines. As you know, Ordu was taken to metropolitan status with the last legal regulation. We have done a great work on the way to becoming a metropolitan city, how we became right to be metropolitan. Because it has already deserved to be a military city with its roads, double roads, airport construction and other investments. We also saw the light of this work today. All of our people, this way to all our drivers get auspicious auspicious ş he said.

AK Party District President Av. Ahmet Çamyar said that the Black Sea will take a sigh of relief with the completion of the Unye Ring Road. . In the 2007 year, we have experienced some delays due to the disruption of our Unye Ring Road. In the words of our Prime Minister, 'Black Sea motorway is not finished before Unye Ring Road is finished'. Today we saw the light in the left tube of our Yunus Emre Tunnel together and we came to the end of the drilling process. I would like to thank the entire working team. Hopefully like the month of November, we will be taking our Unye Ring Road service. Kasım

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