Establishment of a logistics center in Kony is essential

Establishment of a logistics center in Kony is essential
Konya's economy and politics, which gave direction to the head of MUSIAD Konya Branch of the flower. We had the opportunity to interview Lütfi Şimşek.
We wish you good luck.
Şimşek may be new as president, but he has been in the organization for a long time.
So someone who can easily write the prescription of Konya.
He even wrote the prescription.
“Establishing a very urgent logistics center is essential”. Feasibility studies were made.
Mr. President emphasized the necessity to act jointly with public institutions and organizations.
So, what happens in the 'logistics center'?
Which will make our job easier?
Let me try to answer these questions with the help of Lütfi Şimşek.
First of all, Konya is the paradise of SMEs and there is production in this paradise.
This production should also have a marketing stage.
This is the 'logistics center'. In other words, the earliest and less transportation costs to reach the market.
The railway rehabilitation between Konya and Mersin will be two-way and accelerate.
Therefore, the Konya producer will be able to reach the market more quickly and say that I am in the competition.
Again, Lütfi Mayor, who organized the work on this subject in Mersin Port.
And another interesting detail.
sea ​​transport in Europe is very common in Turkey, this figure is very low lArdAymIş ..
It is interesting, is not it?
The cost is low but the use of the sea route is also low.
'Why not keep our money in our pockets?' says the President.
This is necessary to achieve the 2023 target.
It is not unfair ...
Much will change in Konya, however.
The production area will expand.
Employment will increase.
Business volume will grow.
Konya will grow before all else.
I did not say in vain at the beginning of the article; Konya would be the locomotive of the economy and politics of such an organization would be worthy of someone.
Diagnosis correct, prescription ready.
What do we say?
Good luck.

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