Bergama Acropolis Cable Car

Olympos Teleferik
Olympos Teleferik

Historical and natural protected areas are beautiful with their "natural" appearance. Moreover, while the archaeological values ​​still waiting to be excavated are waiting to be revealed under the ground. Could the old park area be enlarged by supporting some architectural elements that would not harm the environment? Or, with a rail system, could it be possible to transport large numbers of visitors at the same time on the old road? Unique natural beauties meet you with the cable car to Bergama.

Akropolis Teleferik is a gondola cable car located in Bergama district of Izmir province of Turkey. A project was prepared for the construction of a cable car to the area in 2005 to facilitate the transportation of tourists who will visit the ancient city of Pergamon to the ruins. The construction of the cable car, whose project was revised in 2006, started in 2008. [2] [3] Turkey based Akropolis Teleferik A.Ş. It assumed the cost of the build-operate-transfer method and obtained the operating rights of the ropeway for 49 years. The Acropolis Cable Car, built by the Italy-based Leitner Group, opened on October 8, 2010.

Technicial Specifications

The oblique length of the Acropolis Teleferik is 694 meters. The facility has 8 cabins, each for 15 people, and can carry 1.150 passengers per hour. The number of cabins, which was 9 at the beginning, was increased to 2011 in 15. Travel time is 3 minutes 55 seconds.

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