Evaluation of Turkey's Transport Policy

Evaluation of Turkey's Transport Policy
General Condition from 1950 to Present
mainly iron passenger and freight transport in Turkey until the year 1950
Road and sea road. At the end of this period,
49,9 road,% 42,2 rail,% 7,5 sea way and% 0,6 air
way; Inland freight transportation is% 55,1 rail,% 27,8 sea way,
The 17,1 was also on land. In this stage of the road, 14.000
18.365 from a network of miles long, where the km is distorted and in need of care.
It consists.
But in the 1950, especially with the start of Marshall's aid,
strategic road construction has gained importance. In the beginning railways
Europe's most advanced technology by the Germans, land roads
by Americans with the most advanced automotive industry of the day and
Turkey's priorities are ignored by their own priorities and military
It is noteworthy that the planning according to the objectives is made.
In accordance with the transport policy imposed on Turkey in the framework of the Marshall Plan
investing in roads
It is provided.
2. Land companies in the profit of the world war
They are very clear that the transportation and American Ford, General Motors
and the US oil monopolies have led this policy.
At that time, American Highways Deputy General Manager of Hilts Turkey
prepare a report. In this report; Iş Trucking
Make use of American entrepreneurs ın. Again
In the same report, Hilts opposes transportation by sea.
Develop attitudes towards Failure to provide loan to Turkey. SHE IS
Establishment of a locomotive factory on State Railways
and Hilts does not want this factory to be established.
Thus under the order of the US Turkey's transport policy. This
With the change in policy, the policies in the administrative field also begin to change.
With the law passed in 1934 ifer Şimendifer stations and ports
to connect each other, to arrange ways to feed the subsistence lines birbirine
”Heads of Bridges and Bridges ğ established by the Ministry of Transport
In the 1950, the highways of the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement
The General Directorate is established. The priority of General Directorate of Highways NATO
Planning a road to meet the yapmak defense alliance ya requirements and
this is to give priority. As a matter of fact, the first planned line is İskenderun-Erzurum road
Line. Because this line; As a supply line against the Soviet Union
It is planned.
1950 with 1950
In the 1970 investment policies
As a result of inconsistencies, road transportation has been given importance. This is because
railway infrastructure and business investments are expensive, lower
investment in road infrastructure investments can be made more attractive
Marshall help and automotive, which started to develop after 1970
Other transport in road transport and passenger transport with the triggering of industry
Unbalanced increases started in favor of type and road transportation.
The policy of making a road in this period is called ün turn around yapma
low geometric and physical standard in summer and winter
concentrated in construction. 1970 physical standards in road routes
the 32 of the total road network was increased
was introduced. During this period, the largest share of transport investments land
has received investments. Investments in road investments since 1980
road freight and passenger, despite the decline in share in the general budget
The increases in transportation have not decelerated.
1950 altın 1970 is the golden age of road construction. In 1970
looking at our current road situation; state and provincial road network
The superstructure of the 59.469 km of the 48.125 km road has been completed.
19.000 km of it is asphalt pavement.
Increasing oil prices since the second half of 1970
countries implementing the oil-based transport policies with the crisis; this
policies and make changes.
Especially oil-poor countries; from oil to independent transport planning
while oil-rich countries are heading towards oil consumption
they continued to encourage their policies.
In this period, in our country; based on oil consumption and 1950
has implemented a single preferential road transport policy in a radical way
should invest in other transport systems
and continued to move. Not with enough 1980
years in transit road construction. In this context, our country and 8 Western
country; TEM as a way to improve business volumes
European Motorways) merged under the name of 3600 km
to develop a highway project in our country, including 9000 km
they put it into practice.
The construction of this highway is a
It has been swallowed. Traffic problem is indexed to traffic congestion and
solution will also facilitate the movement of private cars as a solution
the construction of roads, the introduction of rail systems or
projects that have already begun have not been completed. For example; Hanlı-
44 km line between Bostankaya 16 was completed in the year; 10 km IZmit in the city
30 has not been made for years, and most importantly, its construction started in 1976
and m Istanbul bit, which should be completed in 1986, Ankara
Project X 7 400 from a yearly study and 1983 million dollar cost
In 1962, it was canceled and replaced by a highway.
High standards of highway, geometry, full in and out
It is a controlled way of speed and comfort. This way; serving private car owners,
a practical one found by countries where the automobile industry is a driving force
solution. In short, the motorway; With the development of special auto ownership and special auto
the result of the developed countries' needs
It has increased. However, the new roads we built lead to more automobile demands.
the increased automobile supply of temporary traffic
it is a known fact that it will cause traffic jams and open again.
In the West until the 1960'un wrongly "expression of freedom" as
automobile and rubber wheels
cannot meet the needs of transportation.
A financial plan for the transport infrastructure to use the country's resources correctly
and whether a budget is allocated or not.
without evaluating a lot of highway construction project in international finance
It is carried out depending on the loans of its institutions.
The truth is: The most important reason for the fall of railways
connected transport policies. Sources of land routes and hence
international oil and automotive monopolies
as long as the transportation policies are not exceeded,
The transition to the transportation system will not be possible.


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