36 holidaymaker found in Kartalkayada

It was reported that 36 vacationers who disappeared during the season at Kartalkaya Ski Center were saved by the gendarmerie teams.

In a written statement made by the Bolu Governorate, it was stated that 102 thousand "Safe Use and Promotion Brochures" prepared by the Provincial Gendarmerie Command were distributed to holidaymakers during the 5-day ski season.

In the statement, which was stated by the Kartalkaya Gendarmerie Command in order to immediately respond to disappearance events and not to encounter a sad event, it was noted that 136 plates were hung in the pre-determined critical areas in this context.

In the statement, Bolu Provincial Gendarmerie Command Kartalkaya gendarmerie search and rescue team 2012-2013 307 injury in the winter season was reported to interfere with 14 disappearance.

36 people, including foreign vacationers in the said events in the field of skiing while disappearing in the statement highlighted disappearing, lost holidaymakers, 15 minutes to 3 hour, found to be returned to the ski center, said.

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