Winter Trekking in 2 Bin 600 Altitude

Hakkari University (HU) Mountaineering and Outdoor Sports Community and Summit Mountain Climbing was initiated by Hakkari Agency.
The nature lovers gathered in front of the office of the Rector (HU) on the ring road in the morning and took the vehicles to the Mergabüte Ski Resort at the height of 2 bin 600. Afterwards, he ended his marches by taking the route of nature lovers and climbers on his way to the city by using his route on Çodak area and Piyodan in Hakkari center. 2 thousand 600 at the height of the rest of the sports fans during the rest of the crowd, sometimes fell to the peak. The walkers were attended by lecturers, circle supervisors, academics and university lecturers.
Zirve Mountaineering Hakkari Representation Hacı Tansu said that they will try to bring the natural beauties in Hakkari to the historical structure of Hakkari.

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