1 of the Railway Workers Platform Decides to Leave Daily Work

1 of the Railway Workers Platform Decides to Leave Daily Work
United Transport Workers' Union (BTS) Chairman Yavuz Demirkol, Turkey said it will make a one-day work stoppage for the withdrawal of the Draft Law on the Liberalization of Railway Transport.

We are on the eve of a legal regulation that will determine the fate and future of our Railways, with an annual history of 156. We know that the changes to be made with the bill are actually privatization.
For this reason, we came together as representatives of Union, Association and Foundation which are organized within TCDD.
Turkey regarding the liberalization of rail transport bill was referred to the Parliament on 06.03.2013 13.03.2013 in the history of Reconstruction and Development, Public Works, Transportation and Tourism Commission has passed.
When we examine the draft law as it passes through the commission, we are concerned about the railway workers.
In accordance with the neo-liberal policies envisaged by the Global Capital, the state monopoly in the Railways is foreseen to be abolished.
TCDD will gain momentum with the arrangement of the privatization process initiated with the port management and suburban services within the service integrity.
It is obvious that TCDD is already under siege when it is considered that the 2012 was carried out by private wagons.
With the regulation to be made, the removal of the state monopoly in railway transportation is under the threat of the formation of new monopolies by the local or international capital. This will result in the punishment of both our national economy and our people who benefit from the railway service by benefiting from this service as more expensive.
It is envisaged that the private sector will play a role as a infrastructure and train operator in a way that we rarely come across in the world. (Britain is trying to re-state the infrastructure to remove the similar application that it started years ago.)
The privatization of national, strategic and deep-rooted state institutions such as Railways and PTT after the establishment of the 140 SEE stems from the desire of capital to create cheap labor in the public sector.
These practices will separate employees into classes and lead to a more widespread use of the subcontracting system we call taş contemporary slavery Bu.
The incentives provided for the retirement of specialized personnel with this bill have eliminated a significant portion of the experienced and specialized railway passengers.
The statements of çıkar Makes and Operates “in the bill are statements that reveal the hidden intentions. It paves the way for all works other than railway traffic services to be made through the process of service procurement.
The operation of different operators on the TCDD infrastructure with a single line of% 91 will bring chaos and this will lead to increased train accidents due to weakness in traffic safety.
The draft law provides for a flexible, unregulated and precarious working system.
While the ratio of the revenue to cover expenses was approximately% 80 at TCDD which serves once with approximately 52 thousand workers and civil servants, 4 thousand employees including 32 thousand subcontractors employed on railways can meet the% 26 of the total revenue / expense. This result is not caused by employees.
This draft amendments the State Economic Organization (GCC) status of TCDD to the State Economic Enterprise (IDB). It envisages the configuration according to commercial conditions. TCDD employees will also have to live the fate of those who had previously been converted to IDB.
The economic power of our economy according to the eye, which makes a significant contribution to the country's economic transportation of economic castles one by one not only us, but the future of our country are applications that risk.
So, as the railway workers, it is the right time for us to take care of our business and bread.
We know very well what the railroaders privatization practices. By looking at the words of fresh water unionists, we cannot remain silent, without words, devoid of truth and truth.
With the enactment of the law, many passenger trains will be removed from the expedition due to the fact that they do not make a profit.
For this reason, 25 will meet with the representatives of the organization that formed the Railway Employees Platform on March 2013;
1-31 March and 1 N 2 N 3 March to 6 walks to Ankara,
2-3 On April 2013, we will meet in front of the General Directorate of TCDD to walk to the TGNA and make a mass press statement.
For the withdrawal of the Draft Law, which has not yet been discussed in the General Assembly of the Parliament, we invite all the railwaymen and our people to support and solidify the struggle we have initiated as trade unions, associations and foundations that form the Platform of Railroad Employees.


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