Bed Train

Bed Train
With the discourse of the train up to 2013; The sleeper is a nice alternative transportation service for long journeys of TCDD. single bed regularly plying on railway trains in Turkey, expressed formerly blue, Ankara - continued its journey between Istanbul for a long life, until the 2012 ta year. On this date, the closed line for high-speed train operations on the 2013 date again until the service on one of the trains on the line Ankara-Istanbul train was removed from the expedition. Even though we are sad about this temporary situation, TCDD made a very good decision and decided to add at least one train to all express trains. This is the reason why I mentioned in the beginning of the summer, especially in the sleeper train, for now we do not have a bed train, but we have at least one sleeper wagon on each train!
Well, well, now we have a sleeper on every line, but how is it to travel with them? In order to clarify this issue, first of all, we should talk about the characteristics and operation of the bed train car.
First of all, sleepers are always the last wagons in order not to have the noise and noise of the people passing by and the train locomotive. You get on the train and go through the wagons to the last wagon, heading towards your place. First of all, do not be surprised that the train's wagons will come out, or even take a look at the menus on the table to take advantage of this. When you cross the restaurant, you will see the following message at this door: sok The bed is a wagon, the passage is forbidden. “Yes, it doesn't provide anyone with the appropriate ticket for safety. You opened the door, and you found your room through the corridor, I say your room, because the journey space given to you in this car is a really small hotel room. What do you have in this room; two swivel bunk beds, two large armchairs when the lower bunk closes, hangers where you can hang the clothes, practical closet eyes, a folding table, a nice mini-bar (if you don't have anything in it, you can fill it with a supply), 220v socket and In the sink (not the toilet, they will find 1 closet 1 alaturka common in the car). In addition, when you enter the room, the conductor gives you the lock of your room door, the number of people (1 or 2), tcdd cloth slippers, tcdd small towel and again soap with tcdd logo.
Now, let's answer a few questions that people are thinking about in general.
”Room, linens, blankets so everything in general is clean?“
- Your bed is clean and even smells with its bed sheet, pillow and blanket. Towels and sink provided are exactly the same. There is no noticeable evil in the general cleaning of the room, but this can change depending on the people traveling before you. For example, if it is forbidden, you can smell sharp. Or sometimes you can find sticky juice spots inside the minibar. This is also a matter of luck. I have come across such a room once in my journeys to this day.
“Comfortable environment? How's the noise, the temperature? G
- The bed width may seem a little small at first. But when you fall asleep, you realize that it's actually not bad, because those sweet little shakes of the train feel like you are sleeping in a crib, you don't even need to turn left and right. The amount of noise may disturb some of us, in my last trip, the decibel meter program on the android market showed an average of 65 db of ambient sound. In terms of giving an idea, we can say that the amount of sound equivalent to a mutual environment conversation. What if you say so much sound can not irritate me. As for the temperature, there is a button at the entrance of the room, where you can adjust the ambient light and temperature. In general, 4 different temperature values ​​are registered and you choose one whenever you want.
In Okay, I decided to go to sleep, what would you recommend?
- First of all, my most important suggestion is a good comrade. The taste of being two people during the journey is necessarily completely different. Grab and bring the spouse, friend, partner, relative you want and sohbetMake your journey with s. As long as you don't make too much noise, no one, including the conductor, interferes with who you are traveling with, does not ask for your identity information or marriage certificate. As long as you are respectful of state property and be humane around you.
I couldn't find any comrades, I will have a few suggestions on behalf of myself. Nice book you can read. If there is a mobile film monitoring device. Again, if you have any cameras. Train travel who knows, railways in Turkey goes filtered through the unique beauty of the path you'll never see land. Take plenty of photos while you're ready. And without forgetting, a lot of food and drink, what the train journeys, the person is clear.
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