We didn't on the horse but we conquered the West with the iron | Silkworm

We didn't on the horse but we conquered the West with the iron | Silkworm
Starting as one of Altepe's dreams, the Silkworm tramway completed all the documentation for the production and passed the important stage of the test drive. While the tram production in Bursa, which was participating in the fair in Berlin, attracted great attention, the doors of the West, which we could not enter on horseback, were overcome with iron horses Berlin
Mayor Recep Altepe knows the properties of those who know. He openly says what he believes in, believes, believes.
"We want to produce Turkey's first indigenous tram in Bursa" Many people have lip bend and when the "dream" had been considered.
It's a fact that big things start with a dream.
Many people despise the project as a dream, Bursa's long-established machine manufacturer companies Durmazlar He gave support and said, "We are ready."
The metropolitan removed the obstacles and opened the way, Durmazlar In addition to presenting the information and technology they have, they put their capital. Turkey's first indigenous tram history as the silkworm production began so.
First projects were drawn. Then the bonnet appeared. It was followed by electronic hardware, the interior design was completed.
On the other hand…
Prior to mass production, the purchase of separate documents for each of the internationally accredited institutions began.
It was way too difficult to be overcome.
Organized Industrial Zone in Bursa, Durmazlar İpekböceği tram, which was unearthed by domestic personnel and local production in its factory, is currently being tested on the rails of Burulaş for testing.
On the other hand it is introduced to the world.
For example…
The first wagon was loaded into a vehicle from Bursa and was unveiled at the transport fair in Berlin, Germany.
In a sense…
Western countries, where our ancestors cannot enter horseback, we conquer the production of Bursa as the new generation of silkworm trams, namely the iron horse.
From where to where…
Bursa 5, which produces tram in the world. city, Durmazlar6 in the world. The development of the firm is really very important.
Introducing Silkworm to the world in Berlin Durmazlar We talked with Fatma and Hüseyin Durmaz brothers.
They are rightly proud.
Many countries have shown interest in the silkworm, especially the Turkic states are very interested in the said.
the target ...
We have to sell trams all over the world and become the major manufacturer of the industry. They believe they will succeed. But they need support.
The cities of the rail system in the tram orders to take the silkworm on the agenda will raise their morale, will increase their enthusiasm.
They are now at this stage.
There's more time for the prime minister
Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe tram project an Prime Minister Erdogan had invited for a test drive.
Hüseyin Durmaz gave the following answer to the question:
Aks The Germans who make the trolley's engine and some undercarriage will come to the 15 in February. The test drive can also be carried out after 1-1.5 months later. Test
For the silkworm, the prime minister has more time to test.

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