Uzbekistan wants to build rail in Afghanistan

wants to make railroad in ozbekistan afghanistan
wants to make railroad in ozbekistan afghanistan

It is reported that the Uzbekistan Railways enterprise is ready to establish the railway connecting Afghanistan's Mezar-ı Sharif and Kabul cities.

Nevruz Erkinov, the official of Uzbekistan State Railways, stated at the press conference that the Uzbek railway company completed the construction of 2010 kilometers of railway and 106 railway bridges connecting Afghanistan's Hayratan and Mezar-ı Sharif cities, which are located on the border of Uzbekistan, in 10.

Erkinov said that they are ready to establish the railway line that will connect the said railway, which extends to Mazar-i Sharif, first to the capital Kabul and then to the Iranian border of Afghanistan.
In 2010, Uzbekistan State Railways completed the construction of the Hayratan-Mezar-i Sharif railway, worth $ 165 million, with a $ 5 million loan from the Asian Development Bank and $ 170 million from the Afghanistan government.

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