There is no leaving culture in transport

There is no leaving culture in transport
Morning and evening does not matter when I take the subway, I open my book or newspaper,
I'm going to go down to the stop, I'm reading my head,
But this morning, when I was buried in my newspaper,
Standing in front of white chairs reserved for sick and elderly,
I met with an old woman with a mask in her mouth and a heavy suitcase.
A young girl was sitting and reading a book while she was on the white sofa,
I said you could get up and sit down,
Thankfully, the old lady sat down,
At that moment I got angry at myself and thought, "I shouldn't be buried, I should read next and look around once in a while."
We have a culture of giving space to those in need,
Unfortunately, it's a long time ago.
Young people who don't care at all
The women who put her child in the seat next to her seem to be very normal,
They don't think I'll take my lap or stand up and sit down,
Especially when I see the families who can not pass on their children both angry and upset,
Even though his parents were with him recently, a child pulled out the gum in his mouth and held out,
This stuffed the metal poles we held with our hands, and the gum and parents didn't say "don't do it,"
I tried to look away,
If I warned them, they'd fight, because,
Today I learned from a newspaper article;
The number of passengers carried by Ankara metro and Ankaray in one year was 100 million.

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